1 Supervisory Skills  Read more
 2  Creative Thinking And Problem Solving  Read more
 3  Motivation & Mind-set Transformation  Read more
 4  Stress Management for Professionals  Read more
 5  Multi-tasking Skills  Read more
 6  Building A Winning Team  Read more
 7  Emotional Intelligence at workplace  Read more
 8  Effective Coaching and Mentoring Skills  Read more
 9  Performance Management  Read more
 10  Balanced Scorecard  Read more
 11  Managing Workforce Diversity  Read more
 12  Maximising Corporate Excellence at Work  Read more
 13  Grooming and Business Etiquettes  Read more
 14  Key Performance Indicators  Read more
 15  Business Continuity  Read more
 16  Outstanding Customer Service  Read more
 17  Delegation Skills for Manager  Read more
 18  Delegation Skills for Manager  Read more